Mark Haydu,

Fr. Mark Haydu in the Sistine Chapel

Announcing...Meditations on Vatican Art: Angels


Available November 2014


Meditations On Vatican Art: Angels

From the award-winning series by Father Mark Haydu comes this beautiful affirmation that angels accompany us always. Illustrated with stunning images of masterpieces from the Vatican Museums, Meditations on Vatican Art: Angels traces the powerful role of angels in Scripture, sacred art, and in our lives. Each work richly depicts angels in biblical scenes ranging from serene to dramatic, and Fr. Haydu’s meditations will help you open your heart to their presence.


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The Meditations on Vatican Art Series


See magnificent works of art as never before, with Meditations on Vatican Art, an exquisite series of Vatican masterpieces, contemplation, and prayer. Masterworks from the Vatican Museums grace the pages of these splendid hardcover books authored by Mark Haydu, LC, STL, the international coordinator of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums.


Broadly endorsed by Church leaders, best-selling authors, and more, the Meditations on Vatican Art series blends the art of the Vatican Museums with the beauty of the spiritual life.


Thoughtfully selected works by such masters as Michelangelo, Raphael, Caravaggio, Cano, Pinturicchio, and more are paired with reflections based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. History and context notes help the reader understand each artist’s perspective and meaning.


“My hope is that the Meditations on Vatican Art series will enable readers to experience masterpieces from the Vatican while meditating upon them, for it was the artist’s intention that these sacred art pieces inspire the faithful to pray,” said Fr. Mark Haydu.

His books are meant to help the proficient in prayer as well as the novice. Use them:

  • To create a personal retreat

  • For bible study

  • As a text for a prayer or spirituality group

  • As a guide for personal prayer

  • To share your faith with others through the universal language of art

  • To relish the beauty of the art

Meditations on Vatican Art will delight art lovers, spiritual pilgrims, and seekers. The books make beautiful gifts. Explore this site including the videos and sample pages and let the beauty of Vatican art help you to see your Creator’s love for you.